This is the path to engagement and monetization

How to get it right?

Sourcing, managing, and tagging high-quality metadata is no easy task in this increasingly complex streaming industry.

Content providers can leverage the power of technology to increase engagement.

KPIs to superpower your content

  • How to increase daily sessions? Drive users into your app more frequently through notifications that reflect their content preferences and engagement needs. …

A data-driven OTT world

One of the main advantages of launching an OTT platform is that you can measure almost everything you need to optimize your content and maximize revenues.

Gorgeous, effective design is a must for OTT success

The secret sauce of OTT design

The structure of your apps’ screens or the hierarchy of your content…

Part II: Personalization is the way to users' hearts.

Personalization: How to connect users to stories they like

Content has much more meaning when users can engage with it. This is why tailored experience is becoming the norm in OTT media apps.

Content recommendations

OTT media apps put in efforts to personalize…

Part I: What is “watching TV” in 2021?

What are you measuring?

How to optimize your content and monetize?

You need a metadata strategy to increase your user engagement, customer retention…

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