How to choose the perfect OTT Platform?

As a content provider, the first thing you need to do in the Post-Covid era is to conquer the living room. Analytics providers will tell you that video is the most engaging way, as people just keep watching and watching more content. You need to scale your TV strategy to reach viewers on their preferred devices.

Some growth hack advice: Connected TV is the fastest-growing segment, and is also less crowded than some of the others. So you have an opportunity to shine and grow along with all these platforms (iOs, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Carplay, Chromecast, Smart TV, Google Home) by launching apps there. Also, Box/Stick has the most share of OTT (close to 60% of the market).

The key question to ask is: is my OTT platform putting my content everywhere?

Flexibility: the only way to win the content marathon

It is vital to choose an app building and management model that doesn’t penalize you for experimentation and iteration. This is how you should nail your strategy; you need to try new things and act quickly, taking advantage of the fact that you are more flexible in this initial phase after you launch your new product to the market.

You need to make sure that you are factoring-in future iteration so that you don’t have these budgetary surprises.

We think this is a vital part of any media app and a way for you to best manage the app evolution. However you’re launching apps, make sure you’re planning for app lifecycles!

Launch, gather this data, iterate, and optimize; try new models, try new revenue opportunities in order to grow your business, and see what works for you as the market is changing incredibly quickly.

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