Create Audience Engagement and Build New Revenue Streams with Inside-Polls

Audiences love participation, and content providers are using polls for creative engagement.

Did you know that up to 75% of content providers do not use polls to make their content experience more compelling. If you’re a live broadcaster, direct engagement has always been the name of the game, but now technology is taking interaction with your audiences to new levels.

Content providers such as local radio, TV stations, newspapers, and influencers must know how their audiences feel. Often, you’re forced to make assumptions about what your audience wants or what they think about certain things. But with polls, you can eliminate a lot of that guesswork. Besides this, there are two tangible benefits of creating real-time interaction between you and your audience: engaged users and new possibilities for your brands.

This poll from Dunkin’ Donuts, for example, boosts engagement via an inconsequential question of how much people like coffee — and you can bet that the people who don’t love coffee will also have their say about which beverages they prefer in the comments.

Polls are an incredibly fast and straightforward way for your audience to participate. With Streann Media, you can create a poll in seconds and ask your audience which team would win the game or what do they think about a particular government decision. Netflix, Hulu, or Disney + are not asking their audiences what they think. Local and niche media players should exploit this vacuum.

How to do it right:

  • Keep Polls Interesting and Relevant — Ensure that the topic of your poll is relevant to your target audience. Whether it’s about your brand and services or a hot cultural topic, you need to make sure that your audience will care enough about it to answer — and avoid asking the same kinds of questions repeatedly.
  • Post During Peak Traffic Times — As with your other content, you’ll see the highest engagement if you publish the polls at peak social media traffic times. At Streann Media, we recommend 7 am, 2 pm or 8 pm.
  • Involve the brands in the polls. Ask questions about the brand; add a logo of the brand and on your own platform; Streann Media lets you share the user’s results with the brand for an immediate call to action.
  • Don’t Overdo It — Don’t bog down your followers with too many polls — it’ll become too repetitive and eventually ineffective. At Streann Media, we recommend 3 Polls per week on the APP should be enough to boost engagement without overwhelming your audience.

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