New Digital Ad Formats for OTT

The Next Big Thing for the Streaming Industry

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With streaming media technologies becoming more mature and beginning to match the quality of service of traditional broadcasting, AVOD is now ready for another spin. Whether it is to support a SVOD business model or full AVOD with FAST (free ad-supported TV) channels, content creators can finally make money with advertising in the online video space in 2023.

What do I need to know when launching a hybrid business model?

To go hybrid with OTT you’ll need to conquer some technological challenges. Increased start-up time, frequent buffering, inadequate transitioning between ad-breaks and content can push away viewers, as they will not accept a less-than-SVOD experience with AVOD.

On the business side of things, the revenue per mille (RPM) is going to be the key metric to look at when adding advertisement to your workflow. RPM is a metric that represents the money you will earn per 1,000 video views. Often you will also see the word CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). RPM is affected by several audience factors. RPM can change with the hour of the day, the location or age of the viewer, or the type of device. You need a partner that is relevant to your audience to get the best RPM.

What about ad verification?

Ad verification has been and still is the Holy Grail of the adtech industry. The question to answer is simple: How can we make sure that the viewer is watching an advertisement? This is important for combating ad fraud and for aiming at better RPM. This question has found an answer in the Open Measurement SDK released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). This SDK was built to facilitate third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to web video and mobile app environments.

Fortunately, better ad-performance is available to service providers. Quality control mechanisms enable traditional TV-caliber advertising performance with the benefits of dynamic advertising.

Surging Use of DAI (Dynamic Ad Insertion)

Advertisers’ willingness to pay substantially higher CPMs for DAI over legacy advertising has pushed the ad industry to increase campaigns reliant on targeting, spurring new thinking across the OTT ecosystem.

Growing dependence on dynamic advertising means OTT service providers and content owners can’t succeed with ad-placement and quality performance at current levels. As streaming replaces legacy TV in households worldwide, the industry must maintain the near 100% ad performance rate of traditional TV advertising to ensure the smooth shift of ad dollars to the OTT space.

Media companies can leverage our patent-pending ad technology features. Streann integrates with every major ad server in the industry, enabling hybrid monetization models that will boost your revenues exponentially.

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