OTT with a human touch

It is clear that nowadays every content creator needs to be where their audiences are. After making a conscious business decision, they invest in an innovative OTT platform to showcase their content across platforms: Apps in iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and other Smart TVs.

Even though bringing your content everywhere is hard work, it is only 10% of your total efforts to monetize your content. Every single success story involves great teamwork between the content creator and the OTT platform to go above and beyond this first step.

Unfortunately, most content creators don’t know this, and end up disappointed with their efforts to launch a streaming platform.

Your new OTT platform is ready to go, and you launch a beta program -you better do that- and learn that every mobile phone reacts differently, During the soft-launch you realize that maybe you don’t have all the resources to troubleshoot!

Especially when it comes to technology. It’s inevitable — users will need help on issues big or small at some point. And with a comprehensive platform like OTT, there are multiple layers to a good customer success operation. Creators will need to be in touch with their OTT providers to ensure all pieces of their service are running smoothly. And, just as important, their viewers need access to that same support for issues that may crop up with technology, payments, and more.

Streann values customer success above all else. Our staff makes sure that every creator using our OTT service gets individual attention to build the best platform to showcase their content. We work with creators not only to resolve technological issues, but to market their brand and grow their audience. Audiences, too, have access to Streann’s support, ensuring that audiences are happy, and any issues are quickly resolved. Like the service itself, Streann’s customer support is truly end-to-end.

Did anyone on your team ever answer an end-user before? If you haven’t, don’t improvise… there is an ART to that! You need to navigate them to the right user experience to get great organic reviews, but not all end-users are the same.

Do you have a team that is reporting issues and bugs, because there will be lots of bits and bites getting lost in translation? That’s the only way that your tech team will know what issues are occurring.

In parallel, you need to launch your marketing strategy on all Apps to boost downloads. Is your marketing strategy aligned with your social media posts and your technology?

After hundreds of Smart OTT implementations worldwide we have learned this lesson: if you don’t have the right team, your OTT launch won’t go far.

We consider ourselves the industry standard for OTT providers. Content creators come to us based on our reputation of being the highest quality video platform available, and they stay because of the ease that our solutions provide, and the care that we give to each individual brand.

The most advanced video and audio platform experience for content providers.