Sports dive further into streaming with next-generation apps

Sports streaming goes mainstream

How to give your sports video a performance enhancer:

  • Go beyond traditional event coverage. Most sporting events last a few hours. With OTT, you can extend the experience and bring your fans along on the journey. Interact with your fans live, before, during, and after games. Show behind-the-scenes stories and interviews. Keep the fans engaged during the off-season.
  • Be 100% reliable. While timeouts may be part of the game, they can’t be part of fans’ viewing experience. Sports fans demand high-quality video streaming — no skips, lags, freezing, or rebuffering. Streann offers a robust backend supported by the reliability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Akamai.
  • Convert audience reach into revenue. Monetize up to 350% monthly ROI with our non-intrusive video ads technology.
  • Engage fans with personal, game-changing experiences. You can use OTT video to let passionate fans explore and experience your sport in their own way. Personalization options can connect fans with videos of their favorite teams and athletes or unlock exclusive content. The opportunities for engagement are endless using live chat, trivia games, and polls.

The reliance on traditional media for live sports is being disrupted.

Current viewing trends and the appetite of streaming platforms to embrace live sports have the potential to transform how we think about reaching live sports viewers through advertising.



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