Streann Media to present TV 3.0 at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam

Streann Media
3 min readSep 13


Miami tech company to showcase new features at the world’s most inspiring content and technology event

IBC will draw this week the global media, entertainment and technology industry for a compelling live experience to gain critical insights, share expertise and unlock business opportunities. The gathering now welcomes exhibitors, speakers and visitors from more than 170 nations.

Streann Media is launching TV 3.0, a patent-pending disruptive technology for next generation streaming services that brings together the power of AI, AR and Social Content Platforms, creating a new era of video where content creators are empowered to be the next Tik Tok.

These are the most relevant features for TV 3.0: The Future of Entertainment

🎯Creators become the next TikTok with UGC and Augmented Reality

🎯Pay-Wall for live, on-demand and microtransactions

🎯SDK for Patent Monetization Technology with 10x ads revenue

🎯Second Screen experience for Connected TVs with QR codes

🎯AI analytics, editing and immersive content experiences

🎯Multi-View XP for live-streaming to boost engagement

Streann will be showcasing TV 3.0 at the Zixi Partner Village. The unique integration with Zixi is bringing broadcasters and content owners new possibilities of distribution, engagement, and monetization. Zixi, a universal live media gateway for video over any IP network or protocol, is offering its large customer base unique features from Streann to enhance the speed, reliability, and security of their streaming workflows.

“We are excited to present TV 3.0 at IBC this week and share these exciting developments with our clients and industry partners. As always, we keep pushing the boundaries of content creation and delivering innovative solutions to our customers,” commented Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann.

About Streann

Streann Media transforms the landscape of modern media, leading the convergence of TV 3.0 and the social-first experience. Through a blend of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Social Content, and Real-time Audience Engagement, we redefine the boundaries of storytelling and interactivity across all platforms and screens. In this next-generation media ecosystem, Streann is setting the gold standard by transforming passive viewing into an unparalleled, interactive social journey, facilitating the creation and curation of compelling content, making it effortlessly shareable and customizable. Welcome to the future of entertainment, where every experience is social, personalized, and truly unforgettable. For more information, visit

About Zixi

Zixi provides the cloud based and on-premises Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP®) that enables reliable broadcast-quality video delivery over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider and any edge device. The company offers technologies for broadcasters, enterprises, over-the-top video providers, sports leagues, service providers, cable operators and Telcos around the world. Zixi simplifies building and managing congestion-aware live video routes on any network, with support for 18-protocols across any operating environment, with products that are purpose built to provide market leading performance, universal interoperability and an operational control plane that simplifies management and orchestration at scale. With 15+ years of innovation and expertise, the Zixi Enabled Network has grown to over 1000+ media customers and 400+ OEM and service providers that deliver 20,000+ channels daily, with 110,000+ deployed instances in over 120 countries, gathering over 9 billion data points a day while delivering over 100,000 live sporting events a year. This powerful ecosystem of the largest media organizations in the world exchanging live video allows for the creation and acceleration of new content acquisition, business models, and opportunities to reduce cost and generate revenue.



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