Streann Wins ‘Streaming Platform Of The Year’ Award at Produ

With its +100 innovative features, the technology company is changing the way people enjoy content worldwide.

Miami, Fl — May 15th, 2020. In an unprecedented era of digital disruption, content providers are finding it increasingly difficult to win the spotlight. As the era of content abundance requires a wholly new approach, the team at Produ praised Streann’s multi-platform versatility to empower content providers to bring stunning experiences in all formats and devices.

Specifically, Streann’s platform has been selected as an industry leader for helping content providers distribute, engage, and monetize content like no other platform.

We are thrilled! the fact that Streann won the best Multi-platform of the year award is a huge step positioning us as leaders in media innovation. We are honored and determined to keep pushing the boundaries of the industry further,” says Gio Punzo, CEO of Streann.

Streann’s integrated solution has proved to be a great fit for challenging clients, such as ESPN, Disney Radio, and Let’s Brasil, Netflix’ alternative in the South American Country.

Streann looks at the future of content like no one else does. Its user experience and monetization platforms allow media companies take a huge leap in technology,” says Alfredo Yanez, Director of Produ Awards.

About Streann Media
Streann Media is a revolutionary SaaS platform established in 2014 in Miami. It is on a mission to empower content providers all over the world with innovative distribution, engagement, and monetization tools for the ultimate end-user experience. With Streann, content providers can build the next Netflix or Spotify or HQ with new engagement features and market first patent-pending monetization technologies. Thanks to its user-friendly all-in-one solution, the company has earned several industry awards.

The most advanced video and audio platform experience for content providers.