The Benefits of Multiplatform Advertising

Data-driven, ad-supported content is the future

1. Minimize waste

By using our proprietary platform to manage all your Connected TVs, you can be sure you’re not overspending to reach the same audiences or annoying viewers with your ads.

2. Maximize reach

Streamers already outnumber cable subscribers. Younger demographics have long preferred streaming to cable, but now older generations are making the switch too.

3. Unlock the full potential of your data

Easily harness data — whether it’s your own first-party data or data from partners — to target audiences more precisely, optimize performance, and measure it in real-time. Data-driven precision is key to increasing customer engagement.

Connected TVs reshaped the way we watch TV. Are you monetizing it?

With Americans continuing to cut the cord in record numbers, advertisers are shifting their TV budgets to reflect where their audiences are watching. And innovative brands are paving the way for how it’s done.

Want to embrace the growth of CTV Ads?

At Streann, we believe the secret to a seamless CTV app is rigorous testing. And even though it may not be rocket science, doing it right requires lots of expertise. We have the required set of skills to help you build the best platform for your users. With more than 150 features, Streann Media has the technology and the expertise to grow 10X your digital ad revenues.

About Streann Media

Streann Media®️ is the world’s most innovative and interactive content creation, distribution, engagement, and monetization Web 3.0 streaming platform. With Streann, content providers can create live streaming content and build next-generation Web 3.0 live streaming business models, with more than 150 proprietary features. Established in Miami, Florida, the company has won several industry awards for its innovations and has Millions of Active users in 141 geographies. For more information, visit



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