What are you measuring?

Get the best ROI out of your content library.

You are what you measure! In pursuit of monetization and viewer retention, OTT brands need not look further than their content library, a raw diamond ready to bring digital revenues.

Complementing new content releases, the archived library can be rearranged time and time again, helping brands manage their content costs and achieving their primary commercial goals.

These are a few steps to help OTT brands surface the value of their content libraries, and make the most of a metadata strategy to increase user engagement, retention, and value:

  • Maximize your investment: You’ve invested in this content at a previous time, let it continue to work for you. With our recommendation engine based on AI, we create and package new content categories for users.

Before taking any action with your media business, make sure you and your stakeholders have agreed on specific targets you want to achieve.

We have the expertise to make it happen!

We gather your audience’s interactions from multiple sources, slice your data to better understand engagement patterns, and obtain the KPIs that will really have an impact on your user’s experience.

OTT services must deliver a stunning, engaging content experience. In the post-Netflix and Spotify era, let’s create the future of content.

The most advanced video and audio platform experience for content providers.