Why live streaming is a must for OTT

Streaming giants like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ have built huge audiences through a growing on-demand content library, and niche content providers may think that the days of live content are numbered.

However, our data across successful content creators clearly shows that audiences love live streaming, where they can connect and feel part of a community.

Live streaming helps make your channel more valuable to current subscribers and brings in new viewers.

Here are some best practices for you to consider:

  • Stream live certain special events with pay-per-view. You might discover fans who aren’t ready to subscribe but are ready to buy.

The secret sauce of OTT: combining on-demand and live streaming

What’s next for content providers and broadcasters?

Embrace live streaming for exponential engagement! Our biggest success stories in 2021 -from large broadcasters and niche content providers- have launched a consistent mix of live and VOD content as part of their overall streaming offering. The live streaming industry has doubled in the last 12 months!

Doing it right. How to optimize your content library?

There are three critical components of mixing live streaming strategy with on-demand content:

  • Repackaging
    Data shows that short shelf-life live content, like breaking news or sports games, is being repackaged and repurposed, and used for on-demand viewing later.

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